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GHOST BALL Aim Trainer

When a beginner is practicing aiming, it is difficult to see the imaginary ball in front of the target ball. This exerciser is a 1: 1 ratio ball shape, placing the pad under the target ball. The visual sense of the contour, thereby increasing the aiming control of the goal ball's scoring angle, suitable for single-eye aiming and binocular aiming. The price is very high, and it can be very helpful for novices or players to review.

Name:GHOST BALL Aim Trainer Packing:2pcs/box Weight:9.3g



The low, middle,high three position to practice the poles. The angle of the grip can be adjusted. Each time you practice the poles, the tip does not touch the exerciser. The closer the tip is to the cue ball, the better.



Billiard Trainer Tool

Very easy-to-use and affordable shooting training tool, with three extensions with scales, each time to practice, the tip shoot the red center point (the center point of the cue ball)

Name:Billiard Trainer Tool< Packing:1pcs


Billiard Trainer Tool

Pulley movement can speed up the movement of your arm. Use this exerciser to train the smoothness of the shooting. every time the tip need to touch the red center point (the center point of the cue ball)

Name:Billiard Trainer Tool Packing:1pcs


Hitting Point Training

During the practice the closer the tip is to the cue ball the better. And by using the 8 side points it helps one remember the spot hitting the cue ball when using english.

Each time the tip shoot the center point, 8 off-center points assist the aiming practice.

Name:Hitting Point Training weight:23.4g

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